How to setup a WFOE in China?

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How can I process our annual filing?

a) Register on AIC website b) Log in the online annual examination system c) Choose the item to be examined d) Install the form filing software e) Fill in the forms f) Submit the forms online g) Check out the status of examination on the website h) Print the filing forms i) Prepare other annual […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What is the requirement of annual filing?

All foreign invested enterprises must do annual filing each year. You company needs to submit reports to relevant government bodies including state and local tax authorities, Administration of Industry and Commerce, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Customs, etc., by the end of June. You should correct any violations in your documents or activities conducted upon […]

When and how should I process the relevant procedure if there are some changes in my RO?

You should go through the change procedures if some aspects of your RO have been changed such as the office location, name, number and name of representatives, scope of business, etc. You should file corresponding application documents to competent government bodies to process the change in your RO. For example, where there is a change […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What is representative office (RO)?

A representative office (“RO”) is an office of a foreign enterprise set up in China for liaison with Chinese businesses and customers on behalf of its parent company. A RO is not a separate legal entity. It is not allowed to carry out direct revenue earning business activities. For example, it cannot enter into sales or service […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What is Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)?

The registered capital of a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (“WOFE”) should be subscribed and contributed solely by foreign investors. Branches established in China by foreign enterprises, representative offices and other foreign economic organizations are not WOFEs. Given the advantages of management flexibility and sole decision power, more and more foreign investors are adopting the form of WOFE.

What is Foreign Investment Companies Limited by Shares (FICLBS)?

A FICLBS refers to an enterprise legal person established in accordance with the Tentative Provisions Concerning Several Issues Regarding the Establishment of Foreign Investment Companies Limited by Shares. The total capital of a FICLBS should be divided into shares of equal amount. The shareholders of a FICLBS should bear liabilities to the FICLBS to the extent […]

What is Sino-foreign Co-operative Joint Ventures (CJV)?

A CJV is formed jointly by at least one Chinese investor and at least one foreign investor in accordance with Sino-foreign Cooperative Joint Venture Law and other regulations. Foreign companies, other economic organizations and individuals may act as foreign investors. Chinese companies, enterprises and other economic organizations may act as Chinese investors. The investors contribute […]