What should I pay attention to when preparing balance sheet?

Just as the name of this statement, you should ensure the total assets balance the total liabilities and equity. Under PRC GAAP, you should list items from the most liquid assets, i.e., cash, to most non-liquid item, i.e., other long-term deferred assets.

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To which government authorities should the financial report be submitted?

a)Finance department b)Audit department c)Tax department d)Customs e)Industry and commerce department (annual filing) f)People’s bank of China (for enterprises having loans in bank) g)Security supervision department (for listed enterprises) h)Insurance supervision department (for insurance companies)

How to change my accounting books?

To change new accounting books, you should follow the steps below. a)Transfer the balances in the old books to the new ones without the need to prepare a voucher, b)Write down the date of use of the new accounting books, generally Jan. 1, c)In the summary column, write “brought forward from prior year”, d)Input the […]

challenges of internal control if internal control

How to do bookkeeping?

On a regular basis, say, daily, weekly, or monthly, you should record the amounts in the original receipts to your ledger. The frequency to do this bookkeeping is largely up to the number of transactions. During a posting, you need to completely input the date, No. of vouchers, the description, the amount and any other […]

How to number my vouchers?

a) Enterprises with small number of vouchers You can number your vouchers as a whole from 1 to the last number of the month. b) Enterprises using different types of vouchers You can number your vouchers respectively according to different types, for example Receiving 1, Payment 1 and Transfer 1. c) Enterprises using different types […]

What kind of original receipts should be rejected?

a) Receipts without stamp of tax bureau or supplier b) Receipts without the name of supplier or the person who handled it c) The name in the stamp is different from the company who prepared it d) Receipts without the name of the recipient or the name filled in is different from the one of […]

What is the procedure for opening RMB Basic Account?

The procedure of opening Basic Account is: a)  Fill in application letter b)  Submit relating documents required by the bank c)  Reserve the sample of financial chop and personal chop at the bank d)  Get the approval from People’s Bank of China e)  Open the RMB Basic Account