What documents should I prepare if I hire Lee & Lee to prepare business plan for me?

1.       Location, brief introduction and the current status of the project 2.       Documents of the Company including Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Organization Code Certificate, project location map and the blueprint of the project 3.       Land using documents including Construction Land Plan Permit, Approval of Land Use for Construction Purpose 4.       Ownership documents including Contract […]

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What is the procedure if I hire Lee & Lee to prepare business plan for me?

It normally takes 6 to 10 weeks for professionals from Lee & Lee Associates to complete a customized business plan according to the procedures below. 1. Client self-assessment assisted by Lee & Lee Associates 2. Cost estimation for both work force and time consumed according to the specific requirements of client 3.  Information collection 4.  Project analysis using the […]

How to prepare a marketing plan?

1. Segment and target your market Identify the characteristics of your targeted markets, market sizes and competitive factors.   2. Prepare your marketing strategy Ask experienced professional if necessary to help you document how you’re going to sell your service or products to your market.   3. Prepare your budget Prepare a cash flow indicating […]

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How to prepare your pricing plan?

Set your business goals You need to set your business goals in different stages such as maximization of profits or capturing a certain market share. Then consider all of the factors that influence your goals. Assess your sales potential Your or your professional consultants should be able to conduct an analysis of your sales potential […]

How to prepare a business plan?

One attractive business plan can bring great confidence to your potential investors. The framework of each business plan may look similar, but different content and writing style can cause totally different impressions. A professional presentation is as important as the project itself. A good business plan should cover a majority of the information relating to […]

What are the elements of a business plan?

A complete business plan should at least comprise following elements. Executive summary Brief introduction of the enterprise Industry analysis Products or services Management team Production process Marketing and Sales Research and development Financial analysis Risk control Capital exit strategy Conclusion and attachments

What are the purposes of business plan?

A good business plan can help the entrepreneur to convince potential investors and obtain venture capital; As a blueprint, business plan can help the entrepreneur to systematically consider various aspects relating to operation and development; and Business plan is one part of necessary documents required to complete the deal.

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What is business plan?

Business plan is a blueprint and strategic guidance of your business, including finance, investment, business strategic planning and implementation. The objectives of a business plan can be to raise fund or expand business through partnerships with international key market players. It is a written report prepared based on a systematic research, information collection and analysis […]