What is the framework of audit in China?

By what means can a foreign investor contribute the registered capital?

Foreign investors can not only pay by currency, imported equipment and other materials, intangible assets, RenMinBi income, but also by: a)       Cash b)       Imported machinery and goods c)       Intangible assets d)       Profit in RMB e)       Enterprise Development Fund, Reserved Fund f)         Undistributed profit, dividend payable and relevant interest payable g)       Principle and interest of registered foreign loans […]

What information should be provided for transfer of shareholding interest?

a)Application Form b)Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate c)Original copy of equity transfer agreement d)Original copy of the approval issued by Ministry of Commerce e)Business License of the enterprise after the transfer of equity f)Approved Cooperation Contract and Articles of Association g)Most recent capital verification report before share transfer h)Original copy of the audit report i)Bank statement […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What documents are required to do foreign exchange registration?

a)Foreign Invested Enterprise Basic Information Registration Form b)Business license and capital verification report c)Approval Certificate issued by Ministry of Commerce d)Approved cooperation contract and articles of association e)Organization Code Certificate

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What entities or institutions should be reclassified as domestic institutions as defined in < Detailed Implementation Rules on Administration of Foreign Exchange Current Account of Domestic Institut

Domestic institutions here represent following entities and institutions located in the territory of China: Government bodies, Enterprises, Social organization, and Army, etc. Domestic institutions comprise foreign invested enterprises, but not financial institutions. All these entities and institutions should follow the rule regarding foreign exchange current account administration of State Administration Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”).