Do I need to pay the agent?

Beijing and Shanghai, the landlord and the tenant may share the agent fee. Under certain circumstance, the tenant does not need to pay any agent fee. Instead, the landlord shall bear all the agent fee.

Should I care about management service?

Yes. What kind of management services can be provided to you shall determine how you shall be happy during your stay in China. You need to check the reputations of the landlord and the management service company. Try to ask a couple of scenario-based questions to test how the management service company answer. If you don’t […]

What are other charges apart from my rental fee?

You need to pay attention to other charges and fees relating to your apartment. Sometimes rental fee include all charges such as water, gas, management fee, etc. But sometimes, these fees are not included. So you need to clarify these matters and negotiate separately. After you paid your rental fee, you need to ask your […]

How long should the lease term be?

Generally speaking, the lease term is one year and the landlord prefer to collect all the one-year rental fee in advance, or if not possible, every half year. You certainly can negotiate the payment method being made on a monthly basis.  However, given that the landlord needs to worry about collecting their rental fee every month, […]

What are the aspects that I should pay attention to when I sign a tenancy agreement?

Majority of the tenancy agreements are favourable to landlord. So you need to modify the agreement if you think necessary. This may take some time to reach an agreement but can be beneficial in the long run. Company landlords will often have their own contract but a professional agency should also have a more tenant-friendly […]

What should I pay attention to when visiting the apartment for rent?

a)Environment – is it convenient for your work, your children’s study or your family’s daily life? Also visit places during the daytime and on an evening to check lights, noises, etc. b)Property management – is the staff responsible and polite? c)Security guard -Can they help you when you have any questions? d)Neighbours – Are there […]

Who is the landlord?

The landlord may be a real estate developing company or a private owner. The advantages of having a private landlord are the price is often relatively low and more choices are available. However, you need to be cautious about private landlords in China. Keep in mind that it could be the first time that the landlord […]

What types of property are available?

Serviced Apartments – Minimum rental term of one day with no maximum stay restrictions. A hotel, for example, is such a kind of apartment, which is fully furnished, including all electrical items, crockery, cutlery and bedding. Laundry services are often available. Apartments – Depending on the landlord, apartments are usually available for rental for three […]

Do I have to sign any agreement with the housing agent?

Yes. Typically, you would be asked to sign an agreement which would stipulate the terms of service and relevant fee. This is a private contract between you and your housing agent and there are contractual terms and legal obligations involved. Before signing, you should take the time to read through all the clauses of the […]