What are the documents required for establishment of a WOFE?

The documents required for setting up a WOFE are listed below:

a)       An original copy of application letter;

b)       A project proposal;

c)       A feasibility study report;

d)       Resolution of the Board of Directors;

e)       An original copy of leasing agreement;

f)         Directors name list of board

g)       Importing equipment list;

h)       Copies of the business licenses or certificates of incorporation of the foreign investor;

i)         An original copy of the corporate ratification paper;

j)         An original bank credibility letter for the foreign investors;

k)       Notice of enterprise’s name confirmation approved by Administration of Industry & Commerce;

l)         Contracts and articles of association;

Note: Due to the quick update of the official process, welcome to request the latest process and details by phone or email