What is Deed Tax (DT)

DT is levied on the total value of real properties. The taxpayers are relevant transferees.

When should RPT be paid?

RPT may be paid by quarterly or semi-annually instalments, depending on the decision of the relevant tax authorities.

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How RPT is calculated?

RPT is calculated on the value of the building and land with an allowance of 10% to 30% by multiplying a rate of 1.2% on an annual basis. If the values of the building and the land can not be separated, tax will be levied on the aggregate value. If the base of RPT is […]

challenges of internal control if internal control

What are the penalties if SD rules are not complied?

Non-compliance cases represent non-affixing tax stamps to taxable documents, non-canceling affixed tax stamps, reusing used tax stamps, or forging tax stamps. Penalties for their misconducts range from one time to 20 times on relevant tax amounts or even criminal penalty.

Under what circumstances SD can be exempted?

a) Duplicates or copies of documents on which SD has already been paid b) Documents executed when property is donated to the government, social welfare units supporting the widowed, the aged, the injured and the handicapped, or schools c) Non-interest bearing or discounting loan contracts d) Preferential loan contracts entered between foreign governments or international […]

challenges of internal control if internal control

How to calculate the SD?

SD is calculated at a rate ranging from 0.005% to 0.1% on the contract value. A fixed specified tax amount of RMB 5 per is imposed on each certificate concerning rights and licenses, including certificates of housing property rights, industrial and commercial business licenses, trademark registration certificates, patent certificates and land use right certificates, etc.

What are taxable items and tax rates of SD?

No. Item Tax Rate   1   Purchase / sale contracts   0.03%   2   Processing contracts   0.05% 3   Survey arid design contracts for engineering and construction projects   0.05% 4   Construction installation and engineering contracts   0.03% 5   Property, leasing contracts   0.1%   6   Goods transportation contracts […]