What elements should be included in a short-term financial policy?

The policy that a firm adopts for short-term finance will be composed of at least two elements: a)       The size of the firm’s investment in current assets. This is usually measured relative to the firm’s level of total operating revenues. A flexible or accommodative short-term financial policy would maintain a high ratio of current assets […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What are the main contents of budgeting?

Cash budgeting: it records estimates of cash receipts and disbursements. It is the way of identifying the cash-flow gap on the cash-flow time. Estimated income statement: breakdown of estimated total profit. It reflects all operational transactions and the financial results during the planning period through currency. Estimated balance sheet: it reflects the financial status on […]

What is budgeting?

The definition of budgeting: the process of translating planning and programming decisions into specific projected financial plans for relatively short periods of time. Budgets are short-range segments of action programs adopted that set out planned accomplishments and estimate the resources to be applied for the budget periods in order to attain those accomplishments.

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What are the common elements in a financial plan?

Just as companies differ in size and products, financial plans are not the same for all companies. However, there are some common elements: a)Sales forecast b)Pro forma statements. c)Asset requirements. d)Financial requirements. e)Personnel requirements f) Economic assumptions.

What is the planning process?

Because the company is likely to spend a lot of time preparing proposals on different scenarios that will become the basis for the company’s financial plan, it seems reasonable to ask what the planning process will accomplish: a)       Interactions. The financial plan must make explicit the linkages between investment proposals for the different operating activities […]

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What are the assumptions of financial planning?

Financial plans always entail alternative sets of assumptions. The financial-planning process might require each division to prepare alternative business plans. a)       A worst case. This plan would require making the worst possible assumptions about the company’s products and the state of the economy. It could mean divestiture and liquidation. b)       A normal case. This plan […]

What is corporate financial planning?

Financial planning formulates the method by which financial goals are to be achieved. It has two dimensions: a time frame and a level of aggregation. A financial plan is a statement of what is to be done in a future time. Most decisions have long lead times, which means they take a long time to […]