How can I do recruitment in universities?

First of all, university reputation is extremely important in China and is directly related to salary expectations. Graduates from the top universities can command much higher salaries in comparison to the rest of the graduate market. Secondly, you may need to use a couple of methods, such as written tests, group discussion or one-to-one interviews, to assess […]

What approvals should be obtained for an expatriate working in China?

Foreigners can only work for Chinese companies under certain conditions, which mean employers may not be able to find proper employees within China. Generally speaking, with convincing evidence foreigners can work in the PRC only after obtaining Employment Permits and Residence Certificates.

How can I find qualified people?

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to find a recruiting channel. You may communicate the information to your targeted candidate through following ways. a)       Put your advertisement on certain recruiting websites b)       Do campus recruitment c)       Attend job fairs d)       Put your ads in the newspaper e)       Ask recommendation from your employees f)        For certain high […]

challenges of internal control if internal control

What is the challenge for recruiting in Chinese labour market?

Due to the rapid increase of foreign investment and growth of local firms, experienced local talent is hard to find especially in the sectors of marketing, communications, advertising and public relations. For foreign companies the challenge of recruiting and retaining staff continues to be a challenge – the skills shortage is becoming worse by a […]

How to retain your talented workforce?

In order to win the talents war in China marketplace, you need to carefully develop a plan to retain your most talented people from the following aspects. a)  Develop a strong corporate culture with clear succession and development plans b)  Provide good salaries c)   Define clear career prospects d)   As long as your company is large enough, provide a private […]

challenges of internal control if internal control

What are the big challenges for todays HR management in China?

a)  Cultural Gap – In a company where Chinese and foreigners work together, different way of thinking may cause conflicts from time to time. b)  Skill Gap – there is oversupplied a large number of people with low level skill, especially in small cities or rural area. However, highly skilled people still can not meet demands. c)   Employer […]

Under what circumstances a foreign invested enterprise can be terminated?

a) The term of operation expires; b) The investors have decided to dissolve the enterprise because of unsatisfactory operation and significant losses; c) The enterprise is not able to continue operation due to one of the partners’ failure to fulfil its obligations as indicated in the contract and articles of association; d) The enterprise is […]

How to setup a WFOE in China?

Due to the quick update of the official process, welcome to request the latest process and details by phone or email.