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What are the objectives of credit management?

a)       Increase sales b)       Control accounts receivable c)       Control department overhead d)       Reduce collection cost and bad debt e)       Develop credit and collection policies f)         Provide supervision and training for credit staff g)       Coordinate with other departments h)       Maintain good relationships with customers

How shall I setup our credit management function?

There are three options for you to set up your credit management function. You may choose to set up this function in either Finance Department, Sales Department or a separate Credit Management Department. There are pros and cons for each option. No. Department Advantages Disadvantages   1   Finance Department   Easy to obtain and […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What are the duties of credit management department?

a)Collect, update and maintain all customer information from business department; b)Analyze available materials accurately and timely, and propose credit strategy; c)Manage accounts receivable; and d)Collect overdue accounts receivable.

What are credit risks and costs as compare to cash sales?

a)Contract default risk – the seller not only loses goods and cash from sales, but has to incur collection expenses as well. b)Opportunitycost – your restricted cash on credit shall not be invested or utilized for other business activities. c)Guarantee or mortgage risk – you have to incur cost to verify the value of the […]

How labor disputes are processed in China?

All labor disputes are required to be handled according to law and in a timely manner. Chinese government encourages both parties in a dispute to solve their problems through negotiation and consultation. Chinese laws and regulations clearly define the procedures and government bodies in charge of the settlement of labor disputes. According to the regulations, […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

How to protect my trade secrets before they revealed?

You may incorporate detailed clauses, such as confidentiality and non-competition clauses, into the employment contract. You may also have your potential employees sign a legal document stipulating that they will not divulge their former employers’ trade secrets in order to show that they have no intention to disclose another company’s trade secrets. In addition, you […]

Should I have to pay special attention to women employees?

Yes. Chinese women are given special concern in the job market. The Constitution of the PRC, Chinese Labor Law, and Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women all contain special provisions on the protection of women’s rights to employment. The state protects the right of women to work on equal terms […]

What is the framework of audit in China?

What is the requirement for probation period?

Employers can require a probation period in the employment contract. However, the probation period should not exceed statutory period and it should be in correspondence with the length of the contract term. Generally speaking, the probation period should not exceed 6 months at most. During this period, either contracted party may terminate the contract without […]