Volunteer for Hakuna Matata – Kids Entrepreneurship

Ms. Marcia Lin of Lee & Lee Associates volunteered as a mentor for an interesting event “Hakuna Matata – Kids Entrepreneurship” on 26 August 2018.

This event was organized by Global Shapers under World Economic Forum. It is important to teach children about business for the benefits of their future: they can learn how to manage money and also develop management skills, and then they may use those skills in the businesses they build in the future, or apply the skills into their personal life.

It is a series event. During this one, the kids learnt how to choose a career/industry as their professional dream, how to design product for their businesses, how to make marketing plan/design advertisement, how to value goods, as well as selling & negotiation skills and teamwork spirit.

Ms. Marcia Lin is Business Consulting Director of Lee & Lee Associates and is skilled in helping foreign startups in China. In the event, she was in charge of art team and mentored a little artist lady. Under the help of Ms. Lin, this little girl made a good business plan, finished her art works and sold them all out successfully.

The parents and kids enjoyed the event and learnt a lot of useful skills.