2018 Annual Conference of Lee & Lee Associates

Annual conference is always held after the busy season of accounting industry for easier gathering of colleagues in different cities. This year’s conference was held successfully on 19-21 July 2018.

On 19 July, colleagues from offices of Beijing, Shanghai and Yantai got together and shared valuable knowledge and work experience. It is a good opportunity for all the colleagues to meet and get to know each other. One highlight for this part this year was allowing children of employees to attend the Conference to learn about business world and how to become a professional.

On 20 and 21 July, colleagues who did not need go on trips or work for urgent projects went to Yan Qi Hu for an outing and teambuilding. Yan Qi Hu is famous for beautiful scenery and meeting place for holding big international conferences.

The coach is very humorous and special: he is a tall muscular man but can play Chinese zither very well. He designed various games for us. Althoug we felt a little bit nervous sometimes, those games were interesting and exciting. And we learnt a lot of working skills, management skills besides teamwork.

After the teambuilding, all the colleagues enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of Yan Qi Hu and had a great time together.