Lee & Lee Associates Held Professional Seminar for CBBC

Under kind invitation of CBBC, business consulting expert Ms. Marcia Lin from Lee & Lee Associates held a professional seminar for Launchpad of CBBC with topic “Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions When Establish A Business in China”.

The ten questions were concluded from the rich client service experience of Lee & Lee Associates, including:

  1. Total investment and registered capital
  2. Bank accounts
  3. Comparison between RO and WFOE/JV
  4. Management structure
  5. A shell holding company in Hongkong
  6. Various chops
  7. Company costs on tax and social insurances
  8. Get Fund into and out of China
  9. Registered address
  10. Market price for accounting service

CBBC and the audience appreciated the valuable sharing of Ms. Marcia Lin very much and regarded this seminar very practical and helpful.