Lee & Lee Associates Held a Seminar on Foreigner’s Working Visa Application for DCCC

At the invitation of Danish Chamber of Commerce, the expert from Lee & Lee Associates held a seminar on foreigners’ work visa application for the members recently.

The expert from Lee & Lee Associates explained a series of related issues on the application of foreigners’ work visa including requirements of work visa application, normal procedure, latest policies and regulations, etc. Some frequently asked questions were also analyzed and replied. For example, it is necessary to apply for work permit extension on time; otherwise the applicant has to reapply for a new employment license. If the applicant’s personal information (name, passport number, etc.) is changed, the filing application shall be made within 10 days from the date when the change happens. These questions attracted great interest of the participants. At the seminar, participants were actively involved in the discussion and asked various questions. The seminar was regarded as very practical and well received.