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Good News for Beijing Housing Fund Withdrawal

Since September 1, 2017, withdrawal of housing fund in Beijing becomes easier according to a new regulation. Here below we summarized the key points:

1. Either of a couple can withdraw housing fund regardless the name sequence in the housing purchase contract or property certificate.
2. After an employee leaves Beijing, it is encouraged to handle the housing fund transfer via the online housing fund transfer system.
3. If an employer doesn’t help its employee to withdraw the housing fund, the employee can apply for the withdrawal by himself/herself.
4. Housing fund withdrawal with fake documents will be punished by recording into personal credit system.
5. Application forms are available in the Housing Fund Center. However, we suggest downloading and printing them in advance.
6. The housing fund withdrawal procedure is simplified so that all steps can be handled in one time. There would be no need to provide the documents such as retirement certificate, staff dismissal letter, housing fund back payment certificate, social welfare payment record and certificate of purchasing house in other city. For those who purchase house in Beijing, there is no need to provide house purchase contract and other certificates.

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